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волшебная вода

Оригинал взят у sveta_goryun в волшебная вода

Chunyi Lin поделился одним из приёмов фен-шуя(на английском)
It is Winter now and the energy is that of water. Water energy is associated with vitality and it is very important in winter to build your vitality. I will talk about the value of placing water in your bedroom and living room-especially your bedroom.

First you *Message* the water in your containers. Put a smile on your face, call upon your master's energy and create a spec...ific message that you visualize going into the water, or just say it in your mind.

1. The container of water can be any size and material but has to be open on top. Larger is better but even a glass of water will be ok. It can be placed anywhere in the living room that is safe. The center of the room is best but anywhere safe is a very good place. You don't want it to spill.
2. In the bedroom placing the container of water in the Southeast corner is best but anywhere in the room is fine.
3. Change the water every 3 days at least- every day is even better. Tap water is fine. When you change the water, don't just pour it out- use the water to benefit your plants as it is so good for them. Message the water each time you change it. Use the same message for a full month before changing the message- you can change the message but it is even better keeping it the same. Feel free to pass this on to whomever might like this information!


О чудесных свойствах воды мноо читала.Хочу рассказать такой случай:
У меня стояла банка кипячёной воды,вода на следующий день становилась затхлой, а я не понимала почему. А потом я сообразила-банка стояла на ржавом стареньком жостевском подносике. Я поставила вместо него красивое блюдце , и с тех пор вода вкусная несколько дней и абсолютно не портится.

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